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Unveil Hidden Insurances, Understand Policy Terms & Benefits, Get Easy Claim Settlement & Instant Finance & many more.

Bharat Claims aims to provide transparent access to all existing (knowing or unknowing) policies and benefits to every individual. Also, help with instant finance and easy settlement of insurance claims.

Have you lost someone in an accident? You can help the family to claim any hidden insurance.

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Decoding Policy Benefits
Our experts will help in decoding any insurance policy in minutes to explore the maximum benefits of the policy.
Know Your Hidden Insurance
You are covered for more than 50 lakh FREE Insurance from the Govt. We help you unveil all hidden insurances.
Faster Claim Settlement
Our Financing Partners/ NBFCs help you get instant finance against your claim at nearly ZERO interest.
AI Driven Solution
We help you with simple and easy insurance claim settlement. It's just 2 step procedure and you will be able to file a claim using Bharat Claims.

Claim Process
Typical Claim Process With Other Companies
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