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Hidden Insurance

Let's unveil Free Insurance of upto 1 Cr with Bharat Claims that Indian Govt has issued for every individual.

Easy Claim
Settlement & Assistance

Are you finding it difficult to process your claims? Bharat Claims have a simple and easy process to file your claim.

Accident Insurance

Unveil all free hidden accidental insurances issued to everyone by the Govt with Bharat Claims.

Finance Your
Insurance Claims

Get instant finance for your insurance claims from financing partners associated with Bharat Claims.

Have you lost someone in an accident? You can help the family to claim any hidden insurance.

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Did you get stuck in settlement of
Insurance or Medical Claims?
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How to File
a Claim?
How to Fight Complex Process?
Don't worry, we are here to assist you!

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Register & Upload Your Documents

Register & Upload Your Documents Register & Upload Your Documents


Congrats! Your Claim Processed

Congrats! Your Claim Processed Congrats! Your Claim Processed

Why Bharat Claims!
Know Your Hidden Insurance
You are covered for more than 50 lakh FREE Insurance from the Govt. We help you unveil all hidden insurances.
Decoding Policy Benefits
Our experts will help in decoding any insurance policy in minutes to explore the maximum benefits of the policy.
Seamless Claim Settlement
Our Financing Partners/ NBFCs help you get instant finance against your claim at nearly ZERO interest.
AI Driven Solution
We help you with simple and easy insurance claim settlement. It's just 2 step procedure and you will be able to file a claim using Bharat Claims.

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Bharat Claims
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Bharat Claims
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Bharat Claims

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Customer Support
Customer Support from Bharat Claim was very good and unbelievably super. Excellent job in follow-up with the Digit Insurance Survey Team & Popular Vehicle Repair Team. Keep it up Good Work and Thank you for the help rendered. I am Happy that, I choose Bharat Claim for all my vehicle insurances and like to continue the same. I will surely recommend Bharat Claim as one of the best in India.
- Karan
Smooth Experience
Had a smooth experience choosing the health insurance. I had done my own research prior and the comparison features of Bharat Claim further helped in making the decision.
The executive on call, Prince, was very knowledgeable and helped me troubleshoot during the process.
Aruna did a prompt verification and I am hoping to get the policy issued at the earliest.
- Ankit Kaushik

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