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About Bharat Claims

Aspiring with our own journey of sharing knowledge and wisdom of more than 60 years in insurance sector

What Inspired Us to Do This?

Historically, INDIA has suffered a trust deficit in Insurance, causing very low consumer penetration. The root cause of which is the complex and tedious claims settlement process. Bharat Claims is an AI-enabled Insurtech company powered by Green Lava Eco Solutions Private Limited. We develop necessary software technology to bridge the gap for the seamless processing of insurance claims for the Insurance companies, individuals and other insurance related stakeholders as uncomplicated and time effective as practically possible. We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to Insurance companies, Insurance Intermediaries, Hospitals, Garages and Individual users in India. NHA approved.


What are the problems we are solving?

Unveiling Hidden Insurances

You are covered for more than 50 lakh rupees FREE Insurance from the Govt. We help you unveil all your hidden insurances. Help in Claim Settlement.

Decoding Policy

Your insurance policies talks about a lot of benefits that you might not able to understand or avail. Our experts will help in decoding any insurance policy in minutes to explore the maximum benefits of the policy. Help in easy and quick claim settlement.

Easy Claim Assistance & Settlement

No need to wait for Insurance Claim Settlement. Bharat Claim provide hassle free claim assistance in no time. Our experts will help you in settling any insurance claim in minutes to explore the maximum benefits of the policy.

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