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Privacy Policy

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We gather a variety of information for you.

Personal data refers to information that can be used to identify you. Any information that is publicly available or open in the public domain is not considered personal data.

We value your privacy and consider the security of your Personal Data to be a top priority. .

I. Personal Data
Personal Data we may collect from you are as under:

• Images of documents / photos, provided by you, to access your insurance by us and/or avail our services from us.
• E-mail and mobile number access, if provided by you, to search for your insurance policies as required to avail our services.
• Policies document access, if provided by you, to search for your insurance policies as required to avail our services.

II. Storage of Personal Data
To secure the information we receive from you, we use effective technological and operational security procedures at all times. To guard against unauthorised or improper use or modification of information, as well as any unintended loss, disruption, or risk to information, we employ a variety of technological, procedural, and physical security controls. However, no method of Internet transmission or method of electronic storage is completely reliable. As a result, we cannot guarantee its complete protection. Furthermore, you are responsible for the secrecy and protection of your login id and password, and you cannot share these credentials with someone else.

III. Sharing of your Personal Data
Any Personal Data that we have access to shall never be shared without your consent.

We can ask for your prior consent to use / share your Personal Data in various processes / application submissions / product offerings.

We will share your data with competent/ legal / statutory / regulatory agencies / authorities acting on our behalf (as the case may be) in following cases:

• Just for the purpose of facilitating the availability of the insurance or other financial resources that you have requested, solely on a "need to know" basis and in accordance with relevant laws.
• It is guided or required by civil / administrative / legislative / governmental authority by a legally obligated request under relevant laws/regulations.
• Insurance agencies and financial institutions are expected to check, mitigate, and deter fraud, as well as control liability and recover assets, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
IV. Usage of Your Personal Data We use your Personal Data in our business/insurance claim activities for providing our or our partners’ products/services and to perform, among other actions, the following:

• To facilitate the insurance renewals, purchase or modifications or report on these transactions;
• To undertake research and analytics for offering or improving our data processing services and their security and service quality;
• To check and process your policies submitted to us for insurance data processing services and/or instructions or requests received from you in respect of these services;
• To share with you, updates on changes to the insurance related services and their terms and conditions;
• To take up or investigate any complaints/claims/disputes;
• To respond to your queries or feedback submitted by you;
• To verify your identity for us to provide banking services to you;
• To carry screenings or due diligence checks as lawfully required by us;
• To monitor and review insurance related services from time to time;
• To undertake financial/regulatory/management reporting, and create and maintain various risk management models;
• For selective offers and promotions.
We also use your Personal Data to fulfill the requirements of applicable laws/regulations and/or court orders/regulatory directives received by us.

V. Cookie Policy
Please keep in mind that a "cookie" is a little piece of data that a web server stores on a web page in order to be read back from that browser later.

• Depending on the features available, we can use cookie and tracking technologies.
• Depending on the features available, we can use cookie and tracking technologies.
• Cookies and other monitoring technologies would not gather Personal Data; but, if you previously submitted Personal Data, cookies may be linked to that information.

VI. Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures
We take a number of precautions and safeguards to protect your Personal Data against deletion, abuse, unwanted entry, alteration, or disclosure. In our servers, we use the most up-to-date secure cloud layer encryption and access management.

VII. Contact us
By writing to our Customer Service Department, you can inform us about any aspect of this policy or any discrepancies/grievances with respect to your Personal Data. Connect with us at services@bharatclaims.com.

VIII. Policy Review & Updates
This policy will be revised as required, and it is subject to change at any time. The most recent and up-to-date protocol is still available at https://bharatclaims.com/ This privacy policy is subject to change based on business, legal and regulatory requirements. You are kindly advised to review the policy periodically to keep yourself abreast of any changes to the policy.

In this policy, the words “we”, “ours” and/or “us” refer to “Bharat Claims” and “you” and/or “your” refer to our customers. Bharat Claims is the trading name for Anspruch Techsoft Pvt Ltd.

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