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About Bharat Claims

Aspiring with our own journey of sharing knowledge and wisdom of more than 60 years in insurance sector


To become a leading Insurtech company and serve stakeholders globally, making claim processing easy for everyone. Not only limited to India, but with a vision to make services which can be utilized by every region in this universe where Insurance has presence.
Vision is not limited only to serve higher level of industry, but it is also to serve every individual who have insurance knowingly or unknowingly by digging out their hidden insurances.



Bharat Claims was launched with a mission to provide services to underserved communities of the country by letting them know their insurances and their claim ability which people have and are unaware of. More than 70 crores of individuals in country are eligible to take services offered by Bharat Claims and avail benefits of their hidden insurances. Our mission is to serve society and keeping social responsibility always in mind.


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